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Mole Removal

Mole Removal services offered in Huntington Beach, CA

Mole Removal

Whether you’re concerned about a mole or don’t like how it looks, mole removal can eliminate it. The board-certified team at Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center in Huntington Beach, California, performs careful mole removal surgeries in the office and can test suspicious moles for cancer. Schedule an appointment online or over the phone for a mole removal consultation today.

Mole Removal Q&A

When should I consider mole removal?

Mole removal procedures remove moles, which are pink, brown, or black spots that appear on your skin. Mole removal is available for cosmetic and clinical purposes. Many moles are harmless, but others are suspicious and may indicate skin cancer. 

If you notice any new moles, or if any of your moles change in size, shape, or color, schedule a professional skin exam. The team at Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center performs thorough skin exams and can identify any moles that need biopsies or removal.

You can also undergo mole removal for moles for aesthetic reasons. If you have a mole in a prominent area or a raised one that snags on jewelry, the team can remove it. 

How does mole removal work?

Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center uses several techniques to remove moles. If a mole is suspicious, they test the tissue for cancer after removing it. 

Several procedures can safely remove moles, including the following:

Surgical excision

Surgical excision is an in-office procedure that involves using a scalpel to remove a mole. The team removes a small margin of healthy skin around the mole and might repair the area with stitches. 

Shave excision

Shave excision involves shaving a mole instead of cutting into your skin to remove it. It isn’t as useful for suspicious moles because the team can’t look for deeper tissue margins using the removed tissue. 

Some moles eventually reappear after shave or surgical excision. This is more likely to happen after shave excision. 

How long does it take my skin to heal after mole removal?

Your skin’s healing time after mole removal varies based on your age, the type of excision, and the size of the mole. You may need stitches to close the incision after your dermatologist removes your mole. 

In some cases, the Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center team might cauterize the wound using heat to minimize scarring. 

They advise keeping the excision area clean and moist as it heals and encourage you to change the bandage regularly. 

Schedule an appointment online or over the phone at Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center today to learn more about mole removal.