Laser Treatments

Laser Treatments services offered in Huntington Beach, CA

Laser Treatments

Wrinkles, vascular lesions, and birthmarks are just a few of the many skin irregularities treated with modern laser procedures. At Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center in Huntington Beach, California, the board-certified team uses laser treatments to improve your skin’s tone and texture. Call the office or book a consultation online to explore laser treatments and light therapies today.

Laser Treatments Q&A

How do laser treatments work?

In dermatology, laser procedures are noninvasive treatments that affect your skin using the energy from a laser light. Lasers emit light of a specific wavelength, and multiple wavelengths can treat your skin differently. 

You might be surprised at how many improvements laser treatments can offer your skin. Specific lasers can resurface your skin, promote healing, or improve skin structure with increased collagen. Laser procedures at Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center can treat:

  • Wrinkles and lines
  • Scars
  • Acne and acne scars
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Age spots
  • Vascular lesions
  • Actinic keratoses

Depending on the procedure, your dermatologist may recommend multiple sessions to produce your desired results. 

Which laser treatments are available?

Several laser treatments and light-based therapies are available at Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center. The team uses:

VBeam® Perfecta

VBeam is a pulsed dye laser system that treats common vascular lesions and redness. You can use it to treat hemangiomas, spider veins, scars, and rosacea. 

Clear + Brilliant®

Clear + Brilliant can fight early signs of aging, like sun spots and dullness. After several Clear + Brilliant treatments, your skin retains a healthy and youthful glow. 

Fraxel® Dual

Fraxel is a nonablative fractional skin resurfacing laser for sun-damaged or scarred skin. It features cooling technology to soothe your skin and prevent burns during treatment. 

Intense pulsed light (IPL)

IPL uses multiple light wavelengths instead of just one. IPL therapy targets and disperses pigments in your skin, including birthmarks, age spots, freckles, and spider veins. 

The Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center team recommends laser and light procedures according to your needs and goals. 

How should I care for my skin after a laser treatment?

Skin is often extra sensitive after a laser procedure. The Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center team gives you detailed information on what to expect during the healing process and how to care for your skin. Their instructions might include the following:

  • Protecting your skin from the sun
  • Avoiding strenuous exercise
  • Applying a cool compress to soothe your skin
  • Using petroleum jelly as your skin heals
  • Avoiding smoking
  • Using only gentle skin care products

Even after your skin heals, you should protect it with a broad-spectrum sunscreen daily to avoid sun damage and minimize the need for further treatment. 

Schedule a consultation for laser treatments online or over the phone at Z-Dermatology & Skin Wellness Center today.